gdb 11.1: configure doesn't check for gmp existence

Simon Marchi
Mon Nov 1 20:39:39 GMT 2021

On 2021-11-01 11:58 a.m., Andrea Monaco via Gdb wrote:
> Hello,
> gdb 11.1 depends on the gmp library, as docs also confirm.  But
> ./configure completes with success on my GNU/Hurd system even if the
> library is not present, and then make aborts.  I think that configure
> should fail if a strict dependency is missing.
> Andrea Monaco

Can you show the error you get?  Normally, when you type "make" at the
top-level that will run the configure script in the gdb directory, and
that's when it should fail.  If that's what you get, then this is expected
(with how the build system currently works).


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