Macro info NOT accessible with GDB-trunk

Tomar, Sourabh Singh
Mon May 17 17:04:36 GMT 2021

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Thanks For the quick response keith!

Do you have any pointers to the base commit/change that might've caused this ?
IIRC, it was working fine couple og weeks back (That was the foundation of my initial patch that 
things were working fine with GCC and not with CLANG). Now as it seems GCC generated binaries are also 
not showing macro info at all ☹


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On 5/17/21 9:35 AM, Tomar, Sourabh Singh via Gdb wrote:

> Can somebody please validate this ?

Yes, I can verify this, and I've posted a tentative patch to fix this in your gdb-patches thread titled "Fix macro info lookup for binaries containing DWARFv5 line table."

It's here:

This is also reported as gdb/27306.



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