debugging coredumps with the help of libraries (for example to pretty-print)

Simon Sobisch
Thu May 6 19:00:58 GMT 2021

I currently think there is no way, but before "giving up" I've wanted to 
double-check, maybe I've missed something.

To pretty-print some data types it seems quite feasible to use whatever 
library handles the typedefs normally and use its string functions to 
get the developer-view of the data and let gdb output that.
And this actually works quite well, just `gdb.execute("call 
libfunc(...)") and you're done.

But when I now create a core-dump (gcore dumpfile) and then start gdb 
with to debug that I see the full state and local variables - but none 
of those pretty printers work, resulting in "You can't do that without a 
process to debug." messages.

Is it possible to let GDB itself load the libraries and pass resolve the 
string values that way (or somehow start a "new" process along with the 
coredump only for letting it print the values from the coredump data)?

If not then it is either "disable the pretty printing when a coredump is 
processed" [what is the best check for that in a python extension btw?] 
or try to re-implement the string function completely in python.

Note: I actually can also change the library in question if that helps, 
but I'd (also) be interested to know the answer of this question in general.

Any hints welcome,
Simon Sobisch

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