Carl Love
Mon Jul 19 22:22:30 GMT 2021

Andrew, gdb developers:

>....  I think
> that for some reason this check is failing:
>     if {[Term::wait_for $re_line] \
> 	    && [regexp $re_line [Term::get_line 1]]} {
> If this was not failing, and you kept scrolling far enough, then a
> blank like would appear.

Yes, that test does appear to be failing.  I have added some debug
statements to the test as follows:

    set line1 [Term::get_line 1]                                                
    puts " "                                                                    
    puts "Carll line1       $line1"                                                                                        
    puts "Carll re_line     $re_line"                                      
    if {([Term::wait_for $re_line] \                                            
             && [regexp $re_line [Term::get_line 1]])} {                        
        puts "Carll true"                                                       
        # We scrolled successfully.                                             
    } else {                                                                    
        puts "Carll false"                                                      
        fail "$testname (scroll failed)"                                        

The interesting output is:

Carll line1       |    0x100007a4 <__glink_PLTresolve+44>      ld      r11,8(r11)                |                    
Carll re_line     \|\s+0x100007a8\s+<__glink_PLTresolve\+48>\s+bctr\s+\|                                                                                                                                                   
CARLL, timeout, return 1                                                                                              
Carll true                                                                                                            
Carll line1       |    0x100007a8 <__glink_PLTresolve+48>      bctr                              |                    
Carll re_line     \|\s+0x100007ac\s+<__libc_start_main@plt>\s+b\s+0x10000778\s+<__glink_PLTres\|         <--should match                                                                                                                      
CARLL, timeout, return 1                                                                                              
Carll true                                                                                                            
Carll line1       |    0x100007ac <__libc_start_main@plt>      b       0x10000778 <__glink_PLTres|       <-- this line but the test fails             
Carll re_line     \|\s+0x100007b0\s+<__gmon_start__@plt>\s+b\s+0x10000778\s+<__glink_PLTres\|                                                                                                                               
CARLL, timeout, return 1                                                                                              
Carll false                                                                                                           
FAIL: scroll to end of assembler (scroll failed)                   

So the if statement is checking to see if line1 matches the re_line
above it.  The match statement is 

   [regexp $re_line [Term::get_line 1]]

The final test fails for some reason?  Note this is the first test were
a line had an @ symbol in it.  The value of re_line which is  

  set re_line [string_to_regexp $line] 

looks like the generated regular expression of the line should match
the next $line1 string.  I am not aware of the @ having any special
meaning in a regular expression that would confuse the regexp command? 

Maybe someone else can spot why the two lines don't seem to match? 
They look OK to me.


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