Proposal to remove Python 2 support

Eli Zaretskii
Thu Sep 17 18:03:02 GMT 2020

> Date: Thu, 17 Sep 2020 10:49:40 -0700
> From: Joel Brobecker <>
> Cc: Paul Koning <>,
> I agree we should be very careful about that, and keep things clear
> for the users. One the one hand, a full on/off switch, with a clear
> message "your GDB was configured without Python support" is simple
> for users to understand. On the other hand, having the API itself
> depend on what version of Python GDB was built with would make things
> pretty confusing, in my opinion.

But that kind of thing is inevitable when one relies on external
libraries for some of our features.  For example, suppose that the
source-highlight package learns to highlight sources better -- these
improvements will only available to users if they upgrade their
installed source-highlight library before building GDB.  Granted,
these differences are smaller than entire commands or features
missing, but they still do exist, and always will.

So I don't think we should be too worried about this.

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