Proposal to remove Python 2 support

Joel Brobecker
Thu Sep 17 17:49:40 GMT 2020

> Andrew> Additionally there's always the option of supporting a particular
> Andrew> feature only when the user compiles against a particular Python
> Andrew> version.  I guess this would depend on how tightly coupled the feature
> Andrew> ends up being to the rest of the GDB/Python code.
> I don't really like to do this kind of thing because the user experience
> is bad -- gdb might or might not work.  Though of course we're already
> in that situation since the entire scripting layer is optional.

I agree we should be very careful about that, and keep things clear
for the users. One the one hand, a full on/off switch, with a clear
message "your GDB was configured without Python support" is simple
for users to understand. On the other hand, having the API itself
depend on what version of Python GDB was built with would make things
pretty confusing, in my opinion.


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