Proposal to remove Python 2 support

Paul Koning
Tue Sep 15 20:58:52 GMT 2020

> On Sep 15, 2020, at 4:46 PM, Tom Tromey <> wrote:
> Hi.  Python 2 officially reached its sunset date this year:
> I think gdb should follow suit starting in gdb 11 -- that is, my
> proposal is to keep Python 2 support for the upcoming gdb 10 release,
> but remove said support from git master.
> In the short term this would amount to some relatively minor code
> cleanups.

That makes sense to me.

> In the longer term, my preferred approach to handling inferior control
> from Python is to base it on async/await, which IIUC is only available
> in Python 3.  So, this would be an enabling step.

"await" appears in Python 3.5.  Do you want to drop support for 3.4 and earlier?  I guess they are no longer supported so that is arguably a valid thing to do, but I wonder how many packaged OS releases still come with versions that old.


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