Building just gdbserver ?

Thomas Petazzoni
Thu Sep 10 09:53:39 GMT 2020


Prior to the move of gdb/gdbserver/ to the top-level
(919adfe8409211c726c1d05b47ca59890ee648f1), and its use of the common
gnulib (1a627e7e6c61e97951932e3a9c5fb706efe3ef3e), it was possible to
build just gdbserver by doing:

 $ cd gdb/gdbserver/
 $ ./configure

This is a feature that was used by the Buildroot build system when we
only needed to build gdbserver and not the full gdb.

What is now the recommended way to build just gdbserver ?

Running the top-level configure script would be annoying, as it checks
for ncurses, which would make ncurses a mandatory requirement to build
gdbserver, which by itself doesn't need ncurses.

Thanks for your feedback,

Thomas Petazzoni, CTO, Bootlin
Embedded Linux and Kernel engineering

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