gdb 9.2 won't build

Keith Seitz
Tue Sep 8 17:43:05 GMT 2020

On 9/8/20 9:59 AM, Doug Abbott wrote:

> I tried the configure command shown in the wiki under building
> natively, adding --disable-tui because that fixed a different
> problem. I'm guessing I'm missing a library, but which one?

Yes, you are definitely missing build dependencies. Since you're on
CentOS 7, try running:

  # yum-builddep gdb

> The reason I'm going through this exercise is that gdb 7.6 that comes
> with CentOS 7 won't read the python support functions for KGDB. It
> complains about "missing attribute COMPLETE_EXPRESSION".

An alternative is to try a DTS (developer toolset) release:

  # yum install devtoolset-9-gdb

DTS9 comes with GDB 8.3. DTS10 (when available) will be based on GDB 9.2.

I am not very familiar with how the CentOS 7 software ecosystem works,
so if bad comes to worse, you can attempt to manually install a build
from the build system:

I'm sure there's probably some repo for that, but since I don't use CentOS 7,
I don't know exactly what it is. Maybe ?


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