gdb 9.2 won't build

Joel Brobecker
Tue Sep 8 17:10:48 GMT 2020

> I'm trying to build gdb 9.2 natively on a Linux x86_64 machine, a guest
> running under VirtualBox on Windows 10. The linker is throwing a number of
> "undefined reference" symbols like tputs and tgetflag which appear to have
> something to do with ncurses and/or termcap.
> I tried the configure command shown in the wiki under building natively,
> adding --disable-tui because that fixed a different problem. I'm guessing
> I'm missing a library, but which one?
> The reason I'm going through this exercise is that gdb 7.6 that comes with
> CentOS 7 won't read the python support functions for KGDB. It complains
> about "missing attribute COMPLETE_EXPRESSION".

Try maybe forcing the use of ncuses by configuring GDB --with-curses?
You might get an error if you don't have the ncurses headers installed;
if that happens, install the ncurses dev package, and then try again.


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