Auto update ChangeLog for binutils+gdb commits?

Tom Tromey
Sat May 30 19:41:38 GMT 2020

>> Could you run it on some recent gdb commits and show the output?

I tried it out a little as well.

It seems promising.  However, I noticed some issues.

First, in the basic output:

Martin> 	* gdb/

It would be more convenient for editing if the ":" were followed by a
space, since I'm normally going to have to add one anyway.

Next, try it like:

$ git show af0b2a3e85df9f49a3528e5b7578fcf9412f1acc | ./contrib/

I get:


            * ChangeLog:
            * dwarf2/abbrev.c (hash_abbrev):
            (struct abbrev_info):
            * dwarf2/abbrev.h (GDB_DWARF2_ABBREV_H):
            (struct abbrev_table):

abbrev.c says:

            (struct abbrev_info):

... but I didn't see anything that would be relevant in the patch.

abbrev.h says:

            * dwarf2/abbrev.h (GDB_DWARF2_ABBREV_H):

... but this is very incorrect.  In gdb we normally ignore changes to
the #includes, but if needed I suppose this could mention the addition
of one; but either way mentioning the include guard name is wrong --
macros should be ignored unless each preceding line ends with a

If you try 89bcba74f89baceba3fa7387622e3d60e1de02e8, you'll see that
mklog ignores namespaces.

Martin> Sure. You're a skilled GDB developer with long experience. But for newcomers or
Martin> people without the scripts, this can simplify their workflow.

IMO we should optimize for reducing the overhead for regular
contributors.  Newcomers normally have many things to learn.


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