Auto update ChangeLog for binutils+gdb commits?

Tom Tromey
Fri May 29 12:15:01 GMT 2020

Martin> I'm the author of the scripts that are currently used in the GCC.
Martin> As mentioned, we update ChangeLog files by a script that takes all
Martin> the ChangeLog entries from git commit message. The supported ChangeLog
Martin> format is documented here:


IIUC, we still have to write the ChangeLog entries by hand, just in the
commit message, and using a much stricter format.  Is that accurate?

If so, then this seems less convenient than the status quo.  At least
for me, editing the files is simpler -- I use scripts to handle the
merges, rebases, and date-updating; and Emacs provides direct support
for writing the entries in the correct files and it usually gets the
function name correct as well.

It's the convenience of the last part that I'm most concerned about
losing.  If there's a script that does as good a job, then maybe; but
otherwise it is a -1 from me.  My reasoning here is that editing a
ChangeLog entry is labor-intensive, and anything increasing the labor is
a negative.  It's already a reasonably significant drag on submitting

I'd be receptive to removing ChangeLog entirely.  I don't believe they
provide much value.  However, I know others disagree on this point, so I
don't plan to press it.

I'd also be open to changing the format to something requiring zero
manual intervention.  For example, if we could have a commit script that
simply listed the files and didn't require editing in the names of the


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