Auto update ChangeLog for binutils+gdb commits?

Martin Liška
Fri May 29 07:45:45 GMT 2020

On 5/27/20 5:10 PM, H.J. Lu via Binutils wrote:
> be very nice.  GCC will do it now.  Can we do the same?


I'm the author of the scripts that are currently used in the GCC.
As mentioned, we update ChangeLog files by a script that takes all
the ChangeLog entries from git commit message. The supported ChangeLog
format is documented here:

and the corresponding script can be seen here:;a=tree;f=contrib/gcc-changelog;h=2900264795a520b5fdf7ccd54f7a08a84dcc35f2;hb=HEAD

I briefly looked at binutils commits and I believe the scripts can
be directly adopted.


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