gdb 8.3: "handler for the OSI ABI "FreeBSD" is not built into this configuration"

Martin Simmons
Thu May 28 10:57:07 GMT 2020

Hi Chris,

I received your email below but it looks like the mailing list rejected
it.  For a small amount of output, it is better to just paste the text
into the email rather than attaching an rtf.

I can see what causes the warning but I think it might be unrelated to
the problem of debugging llvm-tblgen.

Rather than running gdb inside gdb, please just run:

/usr/local/bin/gdb ./llvm-tblgen llvm-tblgen.core

and then use the gdb commands:

info all

and send the full output.


>>>>> On Wed, 27 May 2020 22:08:03 -0600, Chris Nicol said:
> Martin,
> Thanks for your continued interest. Attached is a rtf with the results 
> of running the gdb against the llvm-tblgen.core. I ran the sequence of 
> commands that you suggested, to see if this would shed light on the 
> osabi problem.
> As I mentioned, I thought I would try to build the /usr/ports version to 
> see if there was any difference. This produced the attached crash log, 
> and the *.c file that was responsible for that. The file in question 
> does not appear in the standard distribution of gdb-9.1, and must be 
> something that the /usr/ports port has added. Perhaps this sheds some 
> light on matters. There could be other files in /usr/ports that are 
> unique to that version of the build. I did not have a chance to check. 
> Perhaps what is in this brain dump is of some assistance. I hope.
> So many of the /usr/ports builds seem dependent on llvm90. This is a bit 
> of a nuisance, but I suppose that is the lot of someone using an ancient 
> piece of hardware, such as the SunBlade 100. I was surprised to find 
> that I was able to build and run the sylpheed mailer on that system last 
> night. It not only built quickly, but accepts and delivers my mail, and 
> looks a lot like thunderbird. The latter which does not build as it, 
> like firefox, wants to have llvm90 built to support it...
> Thanks again.
> Chris.
> On 5/27/2020 3:31 PM, Martin Simmons wrote:
> > Hi Chris,
> > 
> > Please post of the full output (including all start up messages) of
> > running gdb 9.1 with the llvm-tblgen core file and the gdb commands
> > 
> > info all
> > where
> > 
> > __Martin
> > 

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