apply patch to avr-gdb to be able to debug on assembler level

Christo Crause
Sat May 23 08:31:30 GMT 2020

On Fri, May 22, 2020 at 9:11 PM Klaus <> wrote:

> It only makes me wonder that all people simply apply the patches by them
> self and nobody is crying to get it in the next release :-)

Have been wondering about this myself since I encountered this bug and
patch probably around 3-4 years ago. To me it seemed relatively easy to
implement the fix (even though I'm not really a C programmer) and the issue
has been reported already (apparently in the correct manner), so I didn't
bother pushing for inclusion of the fix.

The other possibility is that people using official software such as Atmel
Studio or MPLab are indirectly using either different debuggers or
different debugging techniques (via the IDE) so completely avoid the issue.
I have followed AVRFreaks for quite a few years now and even there the
complaints about this bug is really few and far between.  Perhaps avr-gdb
is simply not used that widely?

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