apply patch to avr-gdb to be able to debug on assembler level

Fri May 22 19:11:53 GMT 2020

Am 22.05.20 um 19:25 schrieb Simon Marchi:

> I saw the activity on the bug report yesterday.  It's unfortunate, but if you
> want something to progress, you just need to ping it now

Thats why I wrote my mail. I also see that we had some comment on that
patch yesterday. It is simply by accident that I run into the very old
bug today and find that old bug entry. I found it, because I applied
these patches for years again and again to every new gdb version and had
a notice on my patching script for that bug.

> If the patch was sent
> in 2016 and hasn't seen any activity since, there's no real change that some
> GDB maintainer will pick it up, review it, test it and merge it out of nowhere
> (unless they need it themselves).
> And indeed, there's isn't a maintainer dedicated to AVR in GDB, so that doesn't
> help.

As always in open source, if there is nobody actively self working on
something, nothing will change. No problem!

> I would like to see this merged, so I'm working on getting at least a bit of the
> GDB testsuite running against simavr.  If that works well enough, at least we'll
> get some confidence that this change doesn't break some other use case.

I believe we have a bit confidence on the older patch which was working
for years very well. As I applied that patch today against 9.1 release
and get everything working, it feels ok to apply it to the mainline.
Even if it will break something, we will have some user reports for that
and maybe the next patch. But simply doing nothing because maybe
something can be broken did also not help. As mentioned, the patch is
local to avr. It can be tested with simulavr as with real jtag
interface. Testability is not a problem in that case.

It only makes me wonder that all people simply apply the patches by them
self and nobody is crying to get it in the next release :-)

Maybe avr is dead as all the arm stuff has taken over the small 8 bit
systems. And for me it is only a small project which I want to run
today... but keeps me searching for old bugs :-)

If I can support something, maybe for testing, feel free to ask.


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