Automatically fetching Build ID from remote libraries and resole them locally?

Norbert Lange
Mon Mar 30 08:35:30 GMT 2020

Am Sa., 28. März 2020 um 01:40 Uhr schrieb Frank Ch. Eigler <>:
> Norbert Lange via Gdb <> writes:
> > [...]
> > ie. DL only some ELF headers or remotely inspect the Build-ID,
> > then lookup and resolve the matching library and debuginfo in the
> > debug-file-directory database. [...]
> By the way, this part of the problem is solved e.g. using the elfutils
> debuginfod facility, which is now part of gdb.  If gdb can get the
> buildids, then it can auto-download matching binaries & source code.

Yes. Just want to make sure that I am talking about the other (left) side:

Remote target (gdbserver) <-> Local gdb session <-> debug file source.

Currently its not possible to detect the Build ID without transferring
the whole library
from Remote target to the local gdb. I suppose with coredumps its a
similar problem.
What I would like is using build IDs wherever possible. That means
retrieve them from the remote,
and maybe define some fileformat to augment coredumps with the information.


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