Pedro Alves
Mon Jun 29 11:44:13 GMT 2020

On 6/28/20 4:36 PM, Joel Brobecker wrote:
>>> I tried every link to the archives, and they all worked for me.
>> All of them?
> I was checking the links to what I believe to be mailing list archives.
> I excluded the newsgroup in my check.
>> doesn't respond to http.  The correct host
>> would be
> I see. Thanks for clarifying.
> I found this URL:
> But looking at it, the most recent post appears to be from Dec 2017.
> Is that the correct link? Is that newsgroup still active?

Wasn't converted to a alias years ago?


Sergio said:

 "The GNU sysadmins told me that both lists now redirect here.  I hope it works OK."

I'm surprised the archives even exist beyond 2014.

For example, here:

we see an email:

that I can't find on the archive:

Did the redirect stop working or something?

Pedro Alves

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