Auto update ChangeLog for binutils+gdb commits?

Eli Zaretskii
Mon Jun 1 14:59:13 GMT 2020

> Cc:,,,
> From: Martin Liška <>
> Date: Mon, 1 Jun 2020 09:39:08 +0200
> > If all the script does is look at the hunk headers of the diffs, then
> > indeed such a script doesn't have any added value.  I thought it did a
> > more thorough (and thus more accurate) job than that.
> > 
> It does, it tries to find a function name, macro, struct in a diff hunk
> and this name is taken as changed. If nothing like this is found, then
> diff header name is used.

How does it handle the frequent case where the change is attributed by
Diff to the previous function because the function's type or argument
list is being modified?

And how does the script decide that "nothing like this is found",
i.e. how does it know that what is in the hunk header is not really a
function name?


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