gdb online manuals

Jonny Grant
Wed Jul 22 22:28:40 GMT 2020

On 15/07/2020 19:39, Joel Brobecker wrote:
>> Is the gdb version 9 manual online? I could only find the latest development version online from this page
> We are aware that the documentation page is a bit confusing and that
> it could use some love but unfortunately, it's tied to scripts
> that run nightly as well as the release process, and we're lacking
> resources to tackle that.
> In the meantime, the page you reference above has a line that points
> you to the documentation of the latest release:
> Incidentally, that page allows you to chose which you want to look at
> (at the top, you see links to "most recent branch" and "current").

Hello Joel

Thank you for the tip.
Ok, I saw version 9 is documented here now:

I noticed "refcard" and "stack_frame" only have gz versions. refcard.pdf.gz is actually only 1000 bytes smaller compressed, maybe simpler just to show it as a PDF? At least it shows in the browser then.

stack_frame.pdf.gz is 7000 bytes smaller. I'm sure the web-browser would download it via http compression anyway.

Thank you

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