[HELP] segfault in libc.so showing some crash

Kunal Chauhan atkunalchauhan@gmail.com
Fri Jul 10 14:14:21 GMT 2020

Hi Team,

After compilation and running my binary below crash that I am not
understood , by internet also bug is very confusing to me.

some time it show  with binary or some time says the binary name.

*Note: i am not able to run gdb *


Jul 10 12:44:42 madlte1 lte_tr069[12784]: [TID-13038]:
[ipr_cwmp_retrive_rsc_madLte_config(4895)]: Exiting

*Jul 10 12:44:42 madlte1 kernel: vRSC[13038]: segfault at 0 ip
00007f2110c99076 sp 00007f210ccea698 error 4 in libc-2.17.so


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