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Willgerodt, Felix
Thu Jan 23 14:41:00 GMT 2020

A bit off-topic:
Are you actually able to debug anything on 10.15 with SIP enabled?

I was not able to debug anything the last time I checked, even with the correct signature and entitlements. And I don't seem to be the only one:

I have done some digging a couple of months ago (, but didn't have the time to investigate further.


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Information is missing in

On macOS 10.15, when you create the certificate, the default alias is set
to your email address. This needs to be set to gdb-cert too. This is
implicit in the `security find-certificate -c gdb-cert` output but is not

Without that, when you get to the `codesign --entitlements
gdb-entitlement.xml -fs gdb-cert $(which gdb)` stage, you get:

error: The specified item could not be found in the keychain.

Can someone update the wiki?

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