Getting rid of "Cannot access memory at address ..."

Shahab Vahedi
Sat Jan 4 12:07:00 GMT 2020

Hello everyone,

I have sumbitted a bug [1]. I am not going to repeat the whole
description here but only the part pertaining to the solution.

To solve the whole bug completely, there are 2 things to tackle:

1. The overflow occuring in "tui_disasm_window::addr_is_displayed".
   A patch has been submitted [2].

2. Calculation of "max_lines" in "tui_disasm_window::set_contents".
   Ideally, "max_lines" should be:
     max_lines = std::min<int>(height-2,

However, it's not trivial (to me) how to get the number of
instructions that exist there. Any thought on that?



with title: [PATCH] GDB: Fix the overflow in addr_is_displayed()

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