aarch64 nop instruction

Eliot Miranda eliot.miranda@gmail.com
Wed Nov 20 21:31:00 GMT 2019

Hi All,

    I use gdb for processor simulation in a Smalltalk JIT.  I am using gdb
8.3.1 to derive an aarch64 (ARMV8) simulator.  I have noticed that 8.3.1
does not disassemble Arm's "approved" not instruction.

The approved nop is 2r1101010100000011001000000001111, 0x6a81900f, see
C6.2.202 on p 252 of
When I use the 8.3.1 derived system to disassemble that nop I get e.g.
00000000: .inst 0x6a81900f ; undefined

The entry in opcodes/aarch64-tbl.h for the nop that does disassemble is

CORE_INSN ("nop", 0xd503201f, 0xffffffff, ic_system, 0, OP0 (), {}, F_ALIAS)

I've tried adding
CORE_INSN ("nop", 0x6a81900f, 0xffffffff, ic_system, 0, OP0 (), {}, F_ALIAS)
which leaves 0xd503201f unaffected but still yields "undefined" for the
:"approved" nop.

I've tried adding
  CORE_INSN ("nop", 0x6a81900f, 0xffffffff, log_shift, 0, OP0 (), {},
with the 0ther 0x6a opcodes, e.g.
  CORE_INSN ("bics", 0x6a200000, 0x7f200000, log_shift, 0, OP3 (Rd, Rn,
and this breaks the other nop, 0xd503201f, and both forms print as

While I think that not disassembling the official nop is a bug I'm really
more interested in finding out what the minimal change to the table is to
get the "approved" nop to disassemble.  Can anyone help?
best, Eliot

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