gdb 8.3.1 truncated register in remote g packet

Reinoud Koornstra
Sun Nov 3 00:07:00 GMT 2019

> I'm not sure why an arm-targeted gdb would not complain about loading a
> x86-target vmlinux image. That sounds off.
> The vmlinux was compiled for arm, the thing that surprised me that the x64
gdb didn't complain about it. The arm gdb didn't complain either which was

> You could try with an older arm gdb to see if it works fine. If it does
> and the latest version doesn't, then we may need to investigate it.
Ok, I'll compile and older gdb for arm and let you know.

> I checked the code and the truncation message is a result of the
> debugging stub sending less bytes than GDB expects for the register set.
> The interesting thing is that the incompatible gdb for x86-64 was able to
read the message and the gdb for arm wasn't, but i'll try with an older gdb
for arm, but it's weird.

> Just to confirm, does your arm target have floating point registers?
Good point, I did assume it has, because in some cases armeabihf was used
to compile, but not in all cases, I'll check whether it is, otherwise I'd
have to recompile gdb without hf.
I'll get the info and let you know, thanks for helping out!


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