MI3 and async notifications

Jan Vrany jan.vrany@fit.cvut.cz
Mon Jun 10 21:19:00 GMT 2019


as an user og GDB/MI (and frontent developer), I'd like to 
open a discussion about one aspect of MI that I'd like to change
in MI3 before it is released into the wild. 

Currently, quite a few commands suppress async notifications when
a command is issued through MI. For example, when a breakpoint is 
added using -break-insert then =breakpoint-created is not emitted.

At least in my case, this behavior complicates client design because
now the client has to care for new breakpoints on multiple places:
(i)  listen to breakpoint created events to handle cases where breakpoint
     is added via CLI. 
(ii) do similar processing whenever MI returns ^done for previously 
     issued -break-insert command.
This leads to a complex logic, especially in cases where frontend has
some scripting support (so execution of MI commands is not completely
under frontend developer's control). 

Emitting notifications unconditionally would simplify things a lot 
- again at least in my case. 

Therefore I'd like to propose a change for MI3 to always send notifications. 
If such a change would make things complicated for other frontends 
(Eclipse CDT / Emacs come to mind), I propose new

-gdb-set mi-always-notify 1
-gdb-set mi-always-notify 0

setting to control the behavior so frontends may choose. 

I'm happy to submit a patch. Are there any other frontend developers?
If so, would it be OK to always notify in MI3 or do you prefer to have
an option? Any other comments? 

Thanks! Jan

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