stop all threads when step over breakpoint and doesn't resume automatically

Xiang, Jing
Tue Jun 4 09:38:00 GMT 2019


I'm an Firmware developer and meet some problem after upgrade host side GDB tool from 7.7 version to 8.2.1. There's an GDB stub implemented in our firmware and it works well with GDB 7.7. Recently we upgraded gdb.exe to 8.2.1 and met some problem when step over a breakpoint.
Our firmware is multithread system, and the GDB stub is implemented over a specific driver, so it's using non-stop mode to exchange messages between our stub and GDB.exe. With old GDB 7.7,  after stop @ a breakpoint and run "next", it would stop smoothly at next line of the code and other threads still in running state.
While with GDB 8.2.1, same steps, after run "next" command at a breakpoint, it would stop all threads instead.
Note: if disable that breakpoint, it would not stop other threads and just stop at next line of the thread being debugged.

Is this expected behavior with GDB 8.2.1? The problem here is that after stop all threads, it doesn't resume them automatically. Or anything need to be changed in our stub to not stop other threads or resume them automatically? Please let me know if any more info needed or how to check it further.

Best Regards

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