Supported Systems page on the Wiki

John Baldwin
Fri Jan 25 17:50:00 GMT 2019

I was looking at the supported systems page on the wiki recently (I made
some minor updates yesterday) and noticed the second table (Supported Targets)
is currently missing.  There also isn't a table for which configurations
support native targets.  Thinking about this a bit more, I feel that if we
do fill in the missing second table the page would probably end up a bit
long.  If we further added a table listing native targets, that would make
the page even longer.  So, what would you all think about maybe reworking the
page to use a single table and have columns in that table for Target, Host,
Native, and GDB Server?  We could then use the MoinMoin syntax for checkmarks
"(./)" to indicate which of those columns were supported for a given target.
We could also add a brief legend at the top of the table defining what we
mean by Target, Host, etc. as well.

John Baldwin


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