Proposal: Drop GDB support for Python versions < 2.6

Tom Tromey
Thu Feb 21 17:11:00 GMT 2019

>>>>> "Paul" == Paul Koning <> writes:

Paul> Along the same lines, do you want to drop support for <= 3.x for
Paul> some x?  Python 3 is up to 3.7 now; I'm not sure if it matters
Paul> much to the code or maintenance burden, but dropping support for
Paul> some of the older 3.x releases might also make sense.

I looked and there aren't any major compatibility hacks to handle
different minor versions of Python 3.  It's all stuff along these lines,
and not many instances:

                            const char *prompt)
                            char *prompt)

So while I think it would be fine to drop some of this, there doesn't
seem to be a big benefit to doing so.


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