gdbserver sparc solaris

Brian Vandenberg
Wed Feb 13 00:32:00 GMT 2019

> > GDB is crashing when trying to debug directly on the machine and I
> haven't
> > had the time to dive in to figure out why; we've had to limp along using
> > dbx from Solaris Studio in the mean-time.  I had hoped if I could get
> > remote debugging to work perhaps the problem wouldn't manifest or would
> > help shed light on the problem by causing a different problem.
> Have you tried other, maybe older versions of GDB, to see if they fare
> better?

Sometime during 6.x or early to mid 7.x gdb became broken on sparc solaris,
so the earliest I've tried is ~7.8 (with variants of the patches I
submitted over the last few months that address them).  I'm fairly sure if
I go back far enough that it's [semi?-]functional it would be too old
because we're making use of C++11/14-isms.


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