GDB doesn't interrupt target

Jonah Graham
Wed Dec 18 15:49:00 GMT 2019

On Wed, 18 Dec 2019 at 09:59, Pedro Alves <> wrote:

> On 12/18/19 2:20 PM, Tudor Popescu wrote:
> > What I need, is a way to interrupt the target while target is running.

The way to do this is press the "Suspend" button in the toolbar in Eclipse,
or typing the "interrupt" command in the Debugger Console. If these don't
both work for you, there may be a bug in CDT. Please raise a bug against
CDT on and I will
look at it. Please be sure to include where you got your Eclipse from - if
it is from a vendor they may be the one with the issue and you should
probably be in touch with them first.

> > Also, I would like to understand what is causing the above mentioned
> > behavior. I know that GDB 7.12+ introduced some changes to support a
> > prettier Debugger Console in eclipse and this seems to impact somehow the
> > interrupt functionality in my case.

Yes, this is the case. The GDB folk did some great work so that a fully
fledged GDB console can be integrated in an IDE and that is what CDT does
with GDB >= 7.12 on Linux hosts.

> >
> > So the main question is how do I make GDB 8.2.1 behave like GDB 7.11.1
> when
> > it comes to target interrupting (e.g. Ctrl+C)? Are there any special
> > arguments that need to be passed to GDB?

You would have to change how GDB is integrated into CDT rather than
changing GDB. However I hope the above answers mean you don't need that.

> So what _do_ you see when you "kill -2" gdb?  Do you see a "Quit" being
> printed?
> I.e., the GDB console is accepting commands while the target is running?
> I assume Eclipse sends "set mi-async on" or "set target-async on" nowadays.
CDT uses -gdb-set target-async on

> The right way to interrupt the target is to send -exec-interrupt via the
> MI channel.
That is what CDT does .

I hope that helps,

Jonah Graham
Kichwa Coders

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