GDB doesn't interrupt target

Pedro Alves
Wed Dec 18 14:59:00 GMT 2019

On 12/18/19 2:20 PM, Tudor Popescu wrote:
> Hello,
> I am using an eclipse-based IDE and a gdb/gdbserver combination for aarch64
> targets. GDB version we use is 8.2.1 on a Linux host.
> Main problem is GDB doesn't interrupt the target when Ctrl-C is sent to
> eclipse's Debugger Console. Same thing happens when using kill -2 on
> pidof(gdb), or when pressing suspend button in eclipse.
> As far as I can tell, GDB 8.2.1 is launched with 2 interpreters: console
> and mi2. The actual arguments are:
> --interpreter mi2 -q --interpreter console -ex "new-ui mi /dev/pts/5" -ex
> "set pagination off" -ex "show version"
> The old GDB 7.11.1 we used, received only "–interpreter mi2 --nx" as
> arguments and everything related to target interrupt was working as
> expected.
> From my investigation, the behavior described above is somehow related to
> the terminal management (and also target_terminal::is_ours()). Looks like
> when eclipse is involved, target_pass_ctrlc() is never called. My
> understanding is that we need target_terminal::is_ours() to return false in
> order to interrupt the target. But this never happens on my setup.
> What I need, is a way to interrupt the target while target is running.
> Also, I would like to understand what is causing the above mentioned
> behavior. I know that GDB 7.12+ introduced some changes to support a
> prettier Debugger Console in eclipse and this seems to impact somehow the
> interrupt functionality in my case.
> So the main question is how do I make GDB 8.2.1 behave like GDB 7.11.1 when
> it comes to target interrupting (e.g. Ctrl+C)? Are there any special
> arguments that need to be passed to GDB?

So what _do_ you see when you "kill -2" gdb?  Do you see a "Quit" being printed?
I.e., the GDB console is accepting commands while the target is running?

I assume Eclipse sends "set mi-async on" or "set target-async on" nowadays.

The right way to interrupt the target is to send -exec-interrupt via the
MI channel.  

Pedro Alves

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