building GDB

Joel Brobecker
Tue Dec 17 06:01:00 GMT 2019

> Tom> Review here:
> Tom>
> Tom> Maybe some comments there still need to be addressed.  I can't recall
> Tom> offhand.
> I've updated my patch and re-read the thread.
> The remaining issue is that I still haven't decided what to do about
> <config.h> in files like nat/linux-btrace.c.  The message referred to
> above outlines the various approaches and their problems pretty well.

Thanks Tom.

Going back to Simon's question about what to do for the release,
I tend to agree with you that it's an unnecessary risk to be trying
to finish the transition of moving the directories to the root
directory. Could we add a test that checks explicitly for in-tree
builds and abort with a clear error message when detected?
Is there an in-tree/out-of-tree check that already exists for that?
Otherwise, I'd base it on the src_dir being different from the
build dir, but that's simple-minded and pretty easy to defeat
(not that it's a huge issue).


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