building GDB

Tom Tromey
Fri Dec 13 23:25:00 GMT 2019

>>>>> "Simon" == Simon Marchi <> writes:

Simon> On 2019-12-13 3:01 p.m., Tom Tromey wrote:
Simon> Tom, could you describe what is missing to complete this move?
>> Completing the move of gdbsupport and then gdbserver to top-level.

Simon> Yes, I understand that doing the move is necessary to complete the move :) ?  But are
Simon> there some known technical difficulties in doing it?

I'm sorry about the terse reply earlier.

The patch to move gdbsupport is here:

Review here:

Maybe some comments there still need to be addressed.  I can't recall

Then comes the patch to move gdbserver.  This is pretty much mechanical,
I think.

Finally comes a patch to make gdbserver use the top-level gnulib and
gdbsupport.  This is mildly tricky due to type mismatches.

I've written all of these but they definitely need rebasing (which is
often nearly equivalent to rewriting them) and probably other tweaks as

I wouldn't recommend this for gdb 9, but it does seem like a good idea
to start on these now, so that we have time to iron out the bugs.


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