/ (slash) command : fast way to temporarily change setting(s) to run a command

Kevin Buettner kevinb@redhat.com
Wed Apr 17 08:14:00 GMT 2019

My first reaction to this proposal was that '/' is already used in
some commands to modify their behavior.  E.g. "print", "display", and
"x" all use /FMT to change the way that data is formatted.

That said, '/' seems to be used in only a handful of commands.  It
may be that its use is confined to the ones already mentioned.

I see that the "interrupt" command allows the use of -a to modify
its behavior.  Most commands have no modifiers at all.

I don't have a serious objection to Philippe's proposal, but I do
think that we ought to consider whether use of '/' in this context
might be confusing to the user.  Might some other character or command
name be less confusing?  I don't know the answer to this, but I do
think it's something which should be pondered before making this
proposal a part of GDB's CLI.


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