=tsv-created MI event outputs extra "\n" on MI channel

Jan Vrany jan.vrany@fit.cvut.cz
Wed Oct 10 09:39:00 GMT 2018


I just discovered that =tsv-created event contains an extra \n at the end
(i mean, backslash + n):

gdbserver localhost:1234 ./factorial1


gdb -i mi2 -ex "target extended-remote localhost:1234"


<a lot of stuff, cut for brevity>
~"Remote debugging using localhost:1234\n"

Note the literal \n at the end of =tsv-created. This is IMO not 
a valid MI record, according to documentation. 

Looking at the code, this has been introduced in commit 
73ab01a07df, from Jun 2016, so this is an old change. 

Is this something that is worth fixing or is it something
all other MI consumers (but mine :-) are already used to so
it cannot be changed? 

Best, Jan

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