gdb ignoring vCont supported commands

Simon Marchi
Tue Oct 9 20:17:00 GMT 2018

On 2018-10-09 16:12, Bill Morgan wrote:
> I get a warning that vContSupported is unrecognized:
> Sending packet:
> $qSupported:multiprocess+;swbreak+;hwbreak+;qRelocInsn+;fork-events+;vfork-events+;exec-events+;vContSupported+;QThreadEvents+;no-resumed+#df...Ack
> Packet received:
> PacketSize=3fff;QPassSignals+;qXfer:features:read+;qXfer:threads:read+;vContSupported
> Packet qSupported (supported-packets) is supported
> warning: unrecognized item "vContSupported" in "qSupported" response

I believe you are missing the + after vContSupported.


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