GDB fails to build with Python 3.7

Phil Muldoon
Tue May 29 11:37:00 GMT 2018

Currently GDB fails to build with Python 3.7

This is because we use an internal Python API:

#ifdef IS_PY3K
  gdb_module = PyModule_Create (&python_GdbModuleDef);
  /* Add _gdb module to the list of known built-in modules.  */
  _PyImport_FixupBuiltin (gdb_module, "_gdb");
  gdb_module = Py_InitModule ("_gdb", python_GdbMethods);

(the _PyImport_FixupBuiltin in python.c).

This internal API has been changed. According to the advice of the Python
maintainers we should never have used it in the first place. I didn't
add this (at least I don't think I did!), so I'm asking whomever
authored that code to please change it to be 3.7 compatible. I'm not
sure what the code achieves so I'm reluctant to touch it in case of
breakages on platforms I don't have easily access to.



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