IPv6 Support

Armánd Scholtes armandsmailings@home.nl
Tue May 8 15:17:00 GMT 2018

Dear Madam, Sir

First of all i hope I am asking this question at the right location. If not
sorry for the inconvenience.

Does GDB support IPv6 for cross platform/remote debugging.

I have searched on the internet to obtain a definitive answer but i can find
any. (Results are related to patches etc)

I am working on a project with a device that has IPv6 by default. IPv4 must be
activated on manually.

I did some testing with a cross platform version/build V7.5 of GDB but this one
did not seem to accept IPv6 addresses. I would like to know if IPv6 is supported
so i can determine if i need to invest time in building a version for this
project or should work something out to revert to ipv4.



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