GDB 8.1 build error

Simon Marchi
Fri Apr 27 19:39:00 GMT 2018

On 2018-04-27 15:08, Pedro Alves wrote:
> Oh, wait....  Your build line has no "-W" at all, it has "-w" instead??
> How did that happen?

When --disable-build-warnings is used, we don't put any -W/-Wno- flags:;a=blob;f=gdb/warning.m4;h=f176a3291aa68acf0122609531abb4652425525b;hb=HEAD#l62

> Right, that's ill-formed, thus a gdb bug.  A const POD must either
> be initialized, or have a user-declared default constructor.
> So adding an explicit initializer like clang is suggesting should fix 
> it:
>   const any_static_probe_ops any_static_probe_ops = {};

In the stackoverflow answer I pointed to in my other messages talks 
about a defect in the standard that was fixed. And it seems like the 
compilers aligned with the new behavior.  So is it really a GDB bug?  In 
any case, I have no problem adding the explicit initialization to be 
friendly with older compilers.


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