TLS access support in cross- Linux GDB

Ananthakrishna Sowda (asowda)
Wed May 31 23:20:00 GMT 2017

TLS (thread-local storage) variable access in a core file is not supported for cross-Linux GDB.  Any attempt to print a _thread variable from a cross-target core file will result in following error:
"Cannot find thread-local variables on this target"

Pedro Alves in his closing remarks on – Bug 8210  “Linux core files should use linux-thread-db.c”  gave rationale for this limitation.

We have implemented a patch in GDB which enables TLS access for core files for cross-Linux builds.  The approach taken is to copy some code from glibc/nptl and build it as part of multi-arch GDB. 
We want to submit this patch to GDB community and get your feedback to improve it.
This is a heads-up for patch submission.

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