new-ui and Windows

Jonah Graham
Mon May 15 12:39:00 GMT 2017

Hello gdb devs,

I am looking to support the new-ui functionality[1] for Eclipse CDT on
Windows [2]. I have been using it on Linux and have been enjoying it.
Having a full GDB CLI available within Eclipse is a great improvement.

I would like to know if new-ui is supposed to work on Windows with
mingw host? The new-ui attempts to open a tty with
top.c:open_terminal_stream() which calls open(). On Windows, AFAIK,
this can only open a normal file.

If this is supposed to work on Windows already, an example of how to
do it would be great. I can take that and see where I can get next.

Any thoughts much appreciated.


Jonah Graham
Kichwa Coders Ltd.

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