GDB/MI questions

Pedro Alves
Thu Jan 19 16:33:00 GMT 2017

On 01/19/2017 04:27 PM, Bob Rossi wrote:
>>> I might give that a try. However, since CGDB already has great terminal
>>> emulation, it's not a huge deal. The other downside is, CGDB works with
>>> lots of GDB's. Using this feature leaves behind many GDBs. Or I'd have
>>> to support two modes. Yuck.
>> You are right, that's the downside of newer stuff...
> I'll have to check out this new functionality...

As first step, I'd suggest starting by experimenting with
starting gdb outside cgdb, manually, on the "normal" command line,
using the command Marc showed.  With a few hacks I suspect you'd
be able to make it work quickly.  You may even want to enable that
as supported use case.  If/when cgdb works with that,
then the rest is largely a "GUI" problem.  I.e., make the
frontend's console window a terminal emulator, and make cgdb
start gdb with I/O redirected there.  There are probably
libraries out there one can reuse for that.

Pedro Alves

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