Jose E. Marchesi
Tue Feb 7 21:41:00 GMT 2017

    A friend of mine suggested that the GDB project should participate in
    the Google Summer of Code.  However, the deadline to register as a
    mentoring organization is this Thursday, in two days!  So we need to
    act fast if we want to participate.  From what I can see, the
    application process is relatively straightforward, but somebody needs
    to take care of it (I don't think it has to be the person who will be
    the mentor, since this may depend on the actual chosen project).  I
    can be that somebody if nobody else wants to.

Note that if for whatever reason you don't make it, or if you want to
avoid the overhead of organizing, GDB can still participate under the
GNU umbrella.

We already applied as a mentoring application, and are currently
collecting project ideas in

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