Help Translating Message from MIPS Simulator

Joel Sherrill
Sat Apr 15 23:05:00 GMT 2017


We have some RTEMS tests failing on the mips simulator
in gdb. We are using the jmr3904 configuration and the
run ends with this message:

HILO: MFHI: MF at 0x88015698 following OP at 0x88000464 corrupted by MT at 0x88003c68

0x88000464 does appear to be in a reasonable location
inside the test.

How do I translate the rest to get an idea about the fault?

If it gives someone a clue, it is a test for a device framework
with a dummy device. It is transferring data using the dummy
device from one buffer to another and both are on the stack. There
appears to be plenty of stack space.

Thanks for the interpretation of that message. My MIPS is rusty.


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