gdb ignore iteratotr++ operation

fedor_qd via gdb
Sat Apr 1 21:35:00 GMT 2017

I start my app in codeblock with cmdline arguments with gdb. App terminares before reached breakpoint. I run in stepping mode. That code:
ParamList::iterator p = iParamList.begin()+1;
gdb see as:
ParamList::iterator p = iParamList.begin();
After that I download build and install gdb 7.12.1. Nothing changes. Also I run gdb directly: gdb myapp -options and got same result. I run app with that params and it crashes after that statement. To track path to crash I print to console messages like cout << "here".
My build enviroment : msys with mingw(not mingw-32/64) 5.3.0
How to deal with that?
Source here -

Always yours, Strizhniou Fiodar
Всегда ваш, Стрижнёв Фёдор

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