core dump build id

Jan Kratochvil
Wed Oct 26 06:07:00 GMT 2016

On Wed, 26 Oct 2016 00:25:23 +0200, Jeffrey Chen wrote:
> However, I noticed that when gdb loads the core dump and binaries, if we
> provide a wrong version of the binaries, it will not complain. gdb would
> still load them fine without any warning. Do you know if this is a bug, or
> is it purposely done this way? If so, what's the reason behind it? Thanks.

Upstream/FSF GDB does not have support for _locating_ binaries (I talk about
/usr/bin/ + /usr/lib{,64}/, not about /usr/lib/debug/ ).  FSF GDB supports
only verification that /usr/lib/debug/ files match by their build-id.

Locating the binaries+libraries by build-id is present in Fedora+RHEL GDB in
In Fedora+RHEL GDB you can use just:
	gdb -c corefile
In fact in Fedora+RHEL GDB it is even enough to run just:
	gdb corefile
Which both locate even the main executable.  The more common case of:
	gdb executable corefile
disables the verification of build-ids in binaries as Fedora+RHEL GDB behavior
must not diverge much from upstream/FSF GDB behavior.

There was an attempt to upstream this feature after it works for 9+ years in
Fedora+RHEL GDB.  A last version of the newly rewritten implementation for FSF
GDB has been posted more than a year ago:
	[PATCH v12 00/32] Validate binary before use
	Message-ID: <>
But it never got any response by upstream maintainers.


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