[RFC] DW_OP_piece vs. DW_OP_bit_piece on a Register

Joel Brobecker brobecker@adacore.com
Sat Jan 16 13:27:00 GMT 2016

> After analyzing some test case failures in GCC and GDB I realized that
> there are various problems with the handling of DWARF pieces
> (particularly from registers) in the current implementations of GCC and
> GDB.  I'm working on a fix for the GDB part, but first I'd like to check
> whether I'm heading into the right direction -- or what the right
> direction is supposed to be.  The article below outlines these issues
> and the suggested solution options.

This is a very nice and detailed analysis of the current situation.
Thank You!

I admit that I read through the document fairly rapidly; it does
seem to me, at this point, that the first step might be to get
clarification from the DWARF committee? Or is input from the GCC/GDB
community going to help the discussion with the DWARF committee?


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