Jan Kratochvil
Wed Aug 31 16:44:00 GMT 2016

On Wed, 31 Aug 2016 18:38:25 +0200, David Smith wrote:
> On 08/31/2016 10:36 AM, Yao Qi wrote:
> > we have a ptrace regression tests here
> >, and I can
> > still checkout code from cvs repo.  What is the mailing list to
> > post patches?

I do not know about a mailing list.  The contact person may be myself.

> I didn't know those tests existed. It looks like no one has touched them
> since around 2012.

The last CVS ChangeLog entry is:
2015-11-23 10:00  jkratoch
        * tests/bogus-echild.c:
        tests/bogus-echild.c: Fix env(TESTTIME) not to be multiplied by DEFAULT_TESTTIME.
          Make DEFAULT_TESTTIME unconditional.
          Remove DEFAULT_LOOPS support.

> If anyone would be still interested in them, I'd say it would be the
> ptrace() syscall kernel maintainers.

It should be probably moved to linux-2.6/tools/testing/selftests/ptrace/ but
it needs some cleanups first which nobody has done so far.


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