GDB Python extension on AIX

David Edelsohn
Thu Aug 11 01:56:00 GMT 2016

When Python is installed correctly on AIX and the GDB configuration
process finds Python, some of the source files that implement the GDB
Python extension fail to compile on AIX with the following error:

In file included from
                 from build-gnulib/import/math.h:27,
                 from /opt/freeware/include/python2.7/pyport.h:325,
                 from /opt/freeware/include/python2.7/Python.h:58,
                 from /home/dje/src/binutils-gdb/gdb/python/python-internal.h:9
                 from /home/dje/src/binutils-gdb/gdb/python/python.c:94:
error: '::isnan' has not been declared
   using ::isnan;
Makefile:2593: recipe for target 'python.o' failed

This is due to a Python extension header redefining feature test
macros in the compiler namespace that interfere with AIX math.h and
libstdc++ math.h behavior

gdb/python/python-internal.h includes the following fragment:

/* Python 2.4 doesn't include stdint.h soon enough to get {u,}intptr_t
   needed by pyport.h.  */
/* /usr/include/features.h on linux systems will define _POSIX_C_SOURCE
   if it sees _GNU_SOURCE (which config.h will define).
   pyconfig.h defines _POSIX_C_SOURCE to a different value than
   /usr/include/features.h does causing compilation to fail.
   To work around this, undef _POSIX_C_SOURCE before we include Python.h.

   Same problem with _XOPEN_SOURCE.  */

Redefining and undefining feature test macros, such as _POSIX_C_SOURCE
and _XOPEN_SOURCE are not very wise things to do, especially in the
middle of a sequence of includes that already may have included other
system header files with conditionals that were affected by the macros
in their original state.

If I comment out this unfortunate fragment, GDB is able to compile on
AIX with the Python extension.

Is this fragment necessary for other targets?  Would the GDB community
at least be open to a proposal to bracket this fragment with

#ifndef _AIX


What is the preferred way to address this?

Thanks, David

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